Excellent post about the various foods to enjoy in Takayama

Jo the tart queen

cover photo eating in takayama

As much as Takayama is a beautiful small town, I have to say that the food in Takayama is the real star. Food may be a big reason why I enjoyed my time in Takayama so tremendously.

In this post, I hope to share with you my experiences with the local food and produce over the short course of my stay.

Central honshu '12 (Nagoya + Takayama)

Local produce at the morning markets

I love stopping by the local markets to get a feel of the food, life and culture of the place that I am in. While I was in Takayama, I visited both of its morning markets – Jingya-mae and Miyagawa as I’ve briefly mentioned in my previous travel post on Japan, Winter dreams in Central Honshu.

While you are at the market, why not try their big, crunchy and saccharine sweet apples, and sample some of their tsekemono (Japanese pickles) like the…

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