Takayama Spring Festival – Yes, there’s an IOS Iphone APP for that!

Have you seen the Takayama Spring Festival IOS / Iphone App?

See the complete schedule and routes of the float procession, location of the ceremonies and more!

There will be a gathering of the floats from 9:30am.
The Karakuri “doll” performance starts at 11am and 3pm on the 14th and 10:am and 2pm on the 15th.

The Gojunko procession winds its’ way down the streets from 1 to 4pm on the 14th and 12:30pm to 4 pm on the 15th.
The Night Festival with lanterns starts at 6:30pm and goes on until 9pm on the 14th only.





Takayama Spring Festival IOS App

One thought on “Takayama Spring Festival – Yes, there’s an IOS Iphone APP for that!

  1. We heard from the developer of the app that the information in the app will be updated for the 2014 season right before the the Sprint and Fall festivals and should be accurate.



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