Revolving Conveyor belt Sushi at Hamazushi in Takayama


Looking for an inexpensive yet authentic Japanese dining experience?
On a budget?
Go where the locals go.

Try the automated revolving conveyor belt sushi restaurant called Hamazushi which is just a few minutes west of the Train station.

Dishes start at 90yen.  Just take what you want from the conveyor belt.  The check is calculated automatically at then end by the waiter/waitress. through rfid tags in the plates.
You can order specials via touch panels or ask your server.
Hot water and green tea powder is provided at the table.

Only a 20 minute walk from the Zenkoji Temple.  Check out the large electronics store next door called Eiden.

Walking directions from the Zenkoji Temple Hostel

*Please check with Zenkoji staff or the restaurant to make sure the location is open before making the trip


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