Zenkoji Facilities


Guests are welcome to use our spacious kitchen.

A supermarket to buy your supplies is located very close to the temple. Takayama also has many restaurants open at all hours. We are happy to recommend places to eat, drink, and meet local people.

You will find everything you need for cooking your favorite dishes. The large square table is also a great place to relax and share stories with other travelers.

A few desktop computers are also available for guests (100yen/30minutes)

Common Room

Relax in the common room, where you can converse with other travelers. Search our shelves for information about local attractions, and take advantage of the book exchange.

Japanese Garden

Many guest rooms overlook our serene Japanese Courtyard Garden and Koi Pond.

    • No Curfew
    • Free Parking Available (on request)
    • Laundry Service Available (Hi-tech Fully Automatic Wash and Dry)
    • Common shower and toilets (One person at a time, locks on the doors for total privacy). 
    • There are plenty of toilets to accommodate all guests.
    • Ample heat in the winter, including electric blankets for a cozy night’s sleep
    • Free safes

4 thoughts on “Zenkoji Facilities

    • Thank you for your question. Sorry, but we currently don’t offer formal instruction or classes or instruction on meditation. But you are welcome to observe the morning chanting/prayer at the main altar which takes about 15 minutes. You are then free to use the area, or the garden in back for your own meditation or prayers.

    • Our Japanese style rooms do not have doors that are lockable. We do offer a storage locker that you can lock for items you need to secure.



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